Kind request for info (CL-35B2) - planning a purchase.

    Kind request for info (CL-35B2) - planning a purchase.


    I'm Italian, and I've just found the CL-35B2 on sale on and by individual seller on and it really seems an interesting product. However before buying it, I would ask a some questions to the kind reader who owns the item or, even better, is involved in its development.

    I need a RAID 1 NAS in order to install a Subversion repository accessible mainly from a LAN. On the product wiki only Windows and Mac operating systems are mentioned to access it, can I also use Linux (Ubuntu, any restriction on versions?)?

    I'm not an expert of subversion servers, has anyone ever tried to use this device with such software, offering external access to the server that uses, on the local network, this specific hardware?

    Should a disk failure ever occur, is it possible to install a new disk in the machine, and which model is appropriate for the task?

    Thank you for you reading this request and possibly replying.


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    Sadly there is no way to obtain or to gain SSH root access to CL nas units.
    To install a Subversion repository you need SSH root access which it can be done on a bit older NAS units to be more specific on GL NAS units...but i am afraid those are kinda out of should try to ask maybe somewhere still 1 unit is available.
    Nas units like qnap,netgear and synology having along ssh root access also the posibility of using subversion servers...but also those tools/units have their own unique "prices".

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