MM-CH36US connected to computer on USB - turns hdd of

    MM-CH36US connected to computer on USB - turns hdd of


    I am using the media player MM-CH36US and I have a problem when it is connetcetd to computer.

    If I connect the media player to electric plug it will stay in stand-by mode (ON/OFF button LED is red). Then I connect it to the USB port of my computer. The player will turn on (LED is blue) and the device is recognized by the computer as USB storage and works as external HDD. But after some time the media player turns itself off even if the data are being read or write by the computer at that time and the LED colour is different - like both blue and red at the same time. It will will interrupt any data read/write operation. Then I have to unplug the USB cable (LED turns to red) and reconnect it to computer, etc...

    I have found out that if I turn the media player on by pressing the button before connecting the USB cable to the computer it will stay turned on and there are no problems.

    Nowadays I am using the MM-CH36US only as an external HDD permanently connected to my computer and not as a media player and the "turn off" problem is quite annoying. Is there any solution or do I have to unplug it from USB, turn it on manually and then reconnect the USB cable every time I switch on the computer?

    Thank you very much.

    Every time you connect the mediaplayer to computer the mediaplayer functions are turned off and the mediaplayer become an attached enclosure...this is available for any type of mediaplayer once is connected to a computer via USB...when you disconnect it from USB the mediaplayer turns back to his main function aka Mediaplayer...You cannot use the media player function to play media as long as it is connected via USB to a computer...this is how was designed to work...

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