R2750: Problem setting up WLAN connection

    R2750: Problem setting up WLAN connection

    I recently acquired a Media Recorder R2750 with a WiFi dongle for using it at home.

    The wireless router that I use is a Fritz! Box 7170 with WPA-WPA2 security and 802.11 b+g.

    I have enough IP addresses available for new connections and alreadz regisitered the MAC address that appear in the System Info under the label "HWaddr (wlan0)".

    When I am setting up the wireless connection at the R2750 (Infrastructure, DHCP IP (Auto) ), after some time showing the message "Testing ...", provides me with a message next to the line Wirelss Setup "DHOn*: DHCP Not Ready!" and next to it a series of rectangles forming a triangle to measure the strength of the signal that is all blue.

    I have also tried configuring the Fritz Box 7170 to allow conecction without autoriying a MAC Address previously , but I do not want to go down in the security level to WEP and/or no password.

    Does anyone have experienced something like this and solved it? Would a AVM Stick work with the R2750?

    Thanks in advance and Happy Holidays to you all !!!!