Hanging between tracks

    Hanging between tracks

    (OK, this should be my last question...)

    My AluMovie HD MediaPlayer is hanging inexplicably between tracks. Most of the time, it will play through without an issue (10k+ tracks on random). But every so often - it can be anything from 20 to 500-odd tracks - when it moves to the next track, it simply does not play. It just hangs there. The firt time this happened was a 3 days in to owning it. It now seems to be happening ever more often.

    Pause/play does not have any effect.

    The next track does not have an issue, it can be made top play with intervention.

    The only way of getting it to respond to the remote - short of turning it off - is to skip forward, then skip back.

    Is this firmware-fixable? Replaceable? Other?

    Strange i have tested a same unit in same conditions and didn't noticed the bug,anyway i'll suggest you to re-flash with latest firmware and let me know if same bug shows up.

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