Pausing slideshow playback

    Pausing slideshow playback

    One of the features of the AluMovie HD MediaPlayer that finally got my attention was the ability to effectively combine music playback and a slideshow (as music playback involves a very boring screen). I effectively want it the other way around: music playback with the slideshow as the screensaver, but there is no real difference between the two, except...

    I encountered a functional failure with regards to this. When playing a slideshow with music (which I am glad to see manages to play the entire 10k+-tracks in shuffle), the pause functionality does not work. Yes, it will pause the slideshow, but it does not pause the accompanying music.

    Can the firmware be fixed in such a way as to have pause control also affect the backing track?

    Alternatively, is there a way to invert this and just run the slideshow as the screensaver over my music (which will allow pause to work on the music), please let me know.


    this is not possible, the music can't be stopped when you are viewing a slideshow. I don't think that Realtek will bring up this feature to the 10xx Chipsets.

    Also the slideshow can't run as screensaver, this is also a feature which is only integrated in devices with the "high-end" chips of Realtek (in our Products it's possible to use Photo Albums as Screensaver with the S3600 and P3700).

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